What is Forex trading?

Over $5 trillion (USD) is traded daily on the foreign exchange market. These trades involve cross or currency pairs, and take place when one currency is sold (short) and another is bought (long). By enabling currency conversions, these movements help to facilitate global trade and investment.

Traders speculate on the movements of currencies in relation to one another. For a trade to be successful an exchange rate fluctuation must be correctly forecasted, however these fluctuations are generally limited in size. For this reason seasoned traders carry out margin trades, i.e. they only place a small amount (margin) of the total nominal value of the position, as this allows them to buy and sell positions that have a larger value than the capital in their account. As there is a possibility that investors could lose more than their initial outlay, these are considered to be high risk trades which should only be entered into by those with an appetite for risk.

How we can help

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