What are FX options?

FX Options are exchange-listed securities which expose you to a wide range of instruments without the need for dealer intervention. Two of the more commonly traded FX Options are FX Vanilla Options and Binary Touch Options.

FX Vanilla Options allow you to trade on changes in market direction, markets without clear direction, and markets experiencing volatility, while Binary Touch Options allow you to express your judgement on the prospective price moves of a specific currency pair.

To participate in a Binary Touch Option, an investor must determine if the price of the currency pair will reach the level they choose, and what their pay-out will be if their estimation is correct. As both the premium and the pay-out are made transparent prior to the trade being placed, Binary Touch Options are preferred by both traders and investors alike. This transparency also limits any potential losses, as the cost of the option is the premium while the sale of the option is the pay-out minus the premium.

How we can help

By using a variety of investment timelines and hedging spot positions, FX Options allow you to diversify your trading strategies. The cutting-edge trading platforms available allow you to trade on live prices and provides you with immediate trade execution as well as access to deep liquidity. Both the exercise and the settlement of your trade are automatic, with the premium or pay-out being deposited directly into your account.